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Over 40% of the worldwide BPO market comes from India. Asia is home to five of the top 10 BPO locations in the world, and thanks to India's economic hegemony, FOS Services account for more than 26 percent of South Asian exports. Short-term migration and business process outsourcing are two important service industries. The Indian BPO market doubled in size last year to $6.3 billion, and over the next five years, it is anticipated to grow at a rate of 37% annually. Large foreign companies are becoming more confident in call centre outsourcing and India as an outsourcing hub by signing multimillion dollar, long-term BPO contracts with renowned Indian outsourcing service providers.

Simple TV or print advertising that could reach customers is a thing of the past. Reaching out to potential customers is becoming more and more difficult. Our books have disappeared. In marketing, it's more important to be pertinent and leave an impact at the point of purchase. As the costs of attracting these customers have increased, a large percentage of a company's budget is allocated to brand promotion and marketing.

A FOS services staff goes to each business to arrange merchandise and haggle for better display locations. Even while most people do this internally, there is an increasing trend to outsource these kinds of jobs to save money. Value Prospect helps companies create a proactive, responsive customer support approach that produces quantifiable benefits. On the market, there are a lot of competing products. Customers can use value prospects to distinguish between different products and services based on the value propositions that distinct market segments are supplied by key product attributes. When demand exceeds supply, it also helps identify specialized markets, which leads to increased profit realization.

FOS services in India aim to improve customer delivery and support, infrastructure "create and manage," and sales management in a verifiable way. Sales and customer care teams both interact with customers and have the power to save or ruin a business. On the other hand, assembling a team with qualified team leaders and members rarely proves to be sufficient. They need the support of reliable processes to successfully manage themselves as well as be managed.

Fos (Feet On Street) Services

Why Use FOS (Feet on street) Services?

Offshore Outbound FOS (Feet on street) Services

One of the fundamental services provided by IT Assistant through its extremely advanced call centres is offshore outbound FOS (Feet on Street) Services. You can create lead and customer databases and find new clients with the use of IT Assistant FOS (Feet on Street) Services.

Global businesses that contract with IT Assistant for FOS (Feet on the Street) Services benefit from significantly lower costs, a track record of process excellence, and access to a workforce that is trained, computer literate, college-educated, and has strong presentation and communication skills.

Inbound FOS (Feet on street) Services

Our experience in a range of sectors has given us the freedom to adapt our inbound FOS (Feet on Street) Service to any circumstance, business, or sector -