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Voice broadcasting is a technique that allows you to concurrently deliver recorded voice messages to many phone numbers. The sender can record messages in advance and send them all from a single phone number using a centralised interface.

Get in touch with a big number of people all at once. Get your campaign up and running quickly with zero infrastructure setup required. Deliver a broadcasting campaign of the highest quality and security while utilising our dependable, safe, and encrypted platform.

Using our It assistant web platform, you may manage various voice campaigns in a streamlined manner. Make use of the pre-defined message templates or use our text-to-speech feature to create unique campaign messages.

With just one click, you can instantly broadcast essential messages such as announcements, notifications, and promotions. Increase the reach of your campaign as well as its rate of success by utilising on-demand scalability, automated call retries, and DNC checks.

Get access to and analyze the status of your active campaign using our real-time dashboard and reports. Put your consumers in touch with a real person in real-time. Sending campaign reports to your email address can be scheduled.

Receive assistance with your purchases through chatting, calling, or sending emails around the clock. Ensure the highest possible return on investment with programmes that are both affordable and adaptable to your needs.

Top 5 Most Common Uses of Voice Broadcasting



DialMyCalls and other modern platforms allow for the placement of hundreds, if not thousands, of calls for a cheap charge and without a long-term contract.


You may easily utilise an internet interface to develop, schedule, and make automated phone calls - without ever having to speak to anyone or being accessible when your audience receives the message.

Flexible and Customizable.

You may quickly create various lists of persons and send customised messages to each of them. You can send them whenever you choose, and they can contain any information that can be delivered by audio.

Not Time Sensitive

You can reach customers when they pick up the phone, but you can also leave a message on their voicemail, guaranteeing that they hear your message even if they aren't available when you call.